EasyInstall version 5.6 is released

EasyInstall version 5.6

  • Full support for Windows 10 deployment (Professional and Enterprise).
  • Full support for WinPE 10.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Professional and Enterprise.
  • Improved online detection.
  • Improved reports and backup automations scripts.
  • Added support for PXE proxy in the EasyInstall Agent.
  • Support for popup message to EasyInstall Anywhere Agents.
  • Support for hiding packages from admins with HelpDesk rights.
  • Support for multiple scheduled package distribution.
  • Support for recurring package distribution.
  • Computer Updates will now also show-missing updates.
  • Support for bandwidth control when distribution local installed packages.
  • Improved package Dependencies.
  • Improved Package Requirements.
  • Improved Audit logging.
  • Support for scheduling when superseding packages.
  • Support for reinstall all failed packages.
  • Improved WinPE creation.
  • Support central redeployment of UEFI based computers.
  • Support for Capture Image via package (Capture package included).
  • DeepFreeze is now include in Inventory.
  • Updated Intel PRO1000 WinPE drivers to 20.2.
  • Updated PXE boot to code base 6.03.
  • Bug fixes.

IXP Data hires new employee

IXP Data hires new employee.
We are fortunate to welcome Asbjørn Christensen welcome as Account Manager at IXP Data.
Asbjørn Christensen
Asbjørn starting on 1 April 2015 and will be responsible for new sales of EasyInstall, EasyPacks and EasyImages.

Asbjørn has many years of experience in the IT industry and comes from a similar position at Efecte.

Please welcome Asbjørn.

E-mail: ac@ixpdata.com
Phone: +45 25 59 69 39

IXP Data participate in the conference WHAT’S NEXT in Køge

There was very full when Væksthus Zealand Tuesday, March 17, 2015 held a conference on internationalization at Comwell Koge Beach in Køge. During the day the companies were inspired by the first Ellemann, through workshops with experts and eventually the super entrepreneurs Kasper Basse from Joe & the Juice.

There was a global comparative view and focus on exports as companies met in Køge to the conference WHAT’S NEXT? to be inspired to expand sales abroad. Behind the conference stood Væksthus Zealand.

– Export is what drives growth forward. Therefore, we have put a lot of companies rally today here in Køge for discussion, inspiration and conversation about how companies can expand foreign sales, said the director of Væksthus Mads Váczy Kragh.

The day gave participants an insight into how a number of companies from Region Zealand have expanded exports. First on the scene was Ellemann, who gave a comparative view and overview of a rapidly changing world.

IXP Data participate in successful export conference

After a successful export conference Tuesday, March 3, 2015 six Zealand companies (among them IXP Data) now on in a definite sequence to start exports to Germany.

EasyInstall version 5.5 is released

EasyInstall version 5.5

  • Deployment Drivers GUI interface
  • Support for agent less devices
  • Support for public ip addresses inventory
  • StartSys and Deployment menu connection over the Internet
  • Agent Setup, Force Software Server and Uninstall Password
  • Reduced number of required client reboots
  • Support for proxy server
  • Enhanced Power Management
  • Improved Administrator with more multi-threaded functions
  • Improved Application creation of Uninstall packages
  • Added Package Status and Supersede to Computer and Device Properties
  • New package types, registry, VB, Batch and PowerShell scripts
  • Supports for canceling, pending client reboot
  • Improved reports directory structure
  • Improved content help
  • New Software Server Diagnostics
  • Updated VNC Remote Control to codebase
  • Improved control over client connect via public Internet
  • Enhanced security Deployment Menu control
  • Support for TeamViewer version 10
  • New Quick Install function
  • Support for Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancement

EasyInstall i Kit-Magasinet

IXP Data has the following ad in Danish Local Government IT Magazine (Kit Magazine) May 2014 edition.


EasyInstall version 5.4 is released

EasyInstall version 5.4

  • PXE boot over HTTP (much faster).
  • Dynamic Computer and Device groups.
  • Computer services inventory.
  • Improved agent setup creator.
  • New package requirement, only install when user not logged on.
  • Display of application compliant computers and not compliant computers.
  • Improved configuration of package replication.
  • Improved package creation.
  • New package detection rule, file version.
  • Added quick redeploy in computer right click content menu.
  • Printer connection based on tcp/ip subnet.
  • Installed applications view per computer group.
  • Support for automation scripts, Delete Computer, Delete Package, Reports and Backup.
  • Added integration between EasyInstall Administrator and EasyPacks.
  • Experiential support for WinPE 802.1x

Notice of price increase per. April 1, 2014

EasyInstall licenses have had the same price since the start of 2002.
IXP Data has therefore decided that the price of EasyInstall licenses increases by EUR 1,34 – per. April 1, 2014.
We have also decided that the license fee in future be adjusted annually d. April 1st.
The price of EasyPacks and software assurance subscription will continue to be adjusted annually d. April 1 – the first time in 2015.

Retiring Windows XP and Office 2003 is easy …

On April 8, Microsoft will no longer provide hotfixes, product updates, and security patches for Windows XP and Office 2003.
This could affect your internal network security as well as regulatory compliance.

The Royal Yacht was visited by IXP Data

In the context of export promotion in Sweden, was IXP Data invited to lunch at the Danish Embassy in Stockholm with subsequent visits to the Royal Yacht – where IXP Data include greeted His Royal Highness the Prince Consort.

Royal Yacht

Microsoft Management Summit 2013 in Las Vegas

IXP Data ApS are participating at this year’s Microsoft Management Summit April 8th – 12th in Las Vegas

Crack Cancer 2012 – IXP Data helps ….

IXP Data has donated DKK 10,000 for the fight against cancer.

IXP Data has a clear policy regarding social responsibility, it is also very natural for us to support charitable and humanitarian organizations.


EasyInstall dealer search

We have great success with our Windows product management Easy Install and THEREFORE seeks partners for sale and installation.
Please contact Jan F. Jakobsen on jfj@ixpdata.com

Microsoft Tech-Ed 2012 in Amsterdam

IXP Data ApS are participating at this year’s Microsoft Tech-Ed 25-29 June 2012 in Amsterdam.

Microsoft Campus Days 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark

IXP Data participate at this year’s Microsoft Campus Days 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Herlev municipality has chosen EasyInstall

Herlev Municipality in Denmark has strategically chosen EasyInstall to manage their 600 computer, and has partnered with IXP Data for a 3 year period.

Toyota Denmark, prolongs cooperation

Toyota Denmark A/S, has decided to extend cooperation for a further 3 years.
It started in 2009 and now contract with IXP Data extended to 2014.